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MS Support
MS Pay as You Go
If you would like to discuss the support options available then please call us now on
07966 243354
email: info@multisoftuk.com

MultiSoft UK provides a range of affordable and customisable support services that deliver a complete solution for your business.

If choosing the right system is important, ensuring that it can be integrated into your business and living with it in the long term is vital. Whilst the purchase cost is clearly visible, cost of ownership and support is not.

At Multisoft UK Ltd we understand this and have assembled a range of customer services to ensure a successful introduction of the system into your business.

We provide pre installation consultancy to optimise design and implementation. On site installation and configuration. User training and ongoing support and system audit visits.

This all adds up to a guarantee of customer satisfaction which continues.

We endeavour to resolve any problem you have as fast and as efficiently as possible.

During a FREE initial Consultancy session our staff will explore your business processes and work towards tailoring support solutions to exactly fit your needs.

The audit is our getting to know you process and has proved a practical, popular and successful introduction to long term support relationships with our existing customers.

It is tailored to your need, but can include for example:

Server Analysis
Checking hard disk for errors and sufficient space
Diagnosing possible hardware issues
Firewall / security check
Anti Virus check
Data Structure Analysis
Error log analysis
Asset List
Remote Working Evaluation
Workstation Analysis
Virus Check
Disk Defragmentation
Scan Disk
Configuration Check
Data Structure Check
Problem Identification
Complete documentation of applications and specifications
Asset List

MS Gold Support Package

Do your business systems meet your business needs now and for the future?

Our clients are supplied with support contracts for one year. This entitles you to telephone and remote support if needed.


Enjoy remote support by telephone. Liberate your team to focus on doing what they are good at, not wasting time worrying about computer problems. Our technicians can analyse and quickly and resolve over 85% of problems without even visiting your office.

The great beauty of outsourcing is the absolute flexibility. As you grow and change we can constantly adjust your service level to ensure that it delivers maximum return on investment and minimum waste

Scheduled Visits

For maximum reliability and security there are several network maintenance tasks that should be carried out on a regular basis. Regular visits provide us with the ideal opportunity to keep your systems up to date and tackle the small day to day snagging problems that on their own don’t warrant a more costly call-out.


Costs vary based on the level of support required and circumstances. Average annual costs on a single server for operating system and database would be as follows:

1-8 Users: £800
9-16 Users: £1000
17-32 Users: £1200
33-48 Users: £1500
48+ Users: £1800

MS Pay as You Go

This service is the simplest service all it means is that when you have a problem you contact us, for this service clients must have had a FREE initial audit previously. You will be billed at a rate of £100/hour and an invoice is sent out after the work is completed.

No need for contracts, retainers or advance payments.

No minimum call –out for the Newport / Cardiff based businesses.

(There may be a charge for travelling expenses if outside the Newport/Cardiff area)


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